Open Source Software For High-Performance Scripting Languages

NetWorkSpaces (NWS) is a powerful, open-source software package that makes it easy to use clusters from within scripting languages like Matlab, Python, and R. While these scripting languages are powerful and flexible development tools, their inherent ease of use can, in many cases, cause natural limitations.

These limitations include:
  • Datasets required for algorithm design and optimization often are large and difficult to deal with easily.
  • Computations generally are too slow.
  • Data may be distributed naturally and not moved easily to other locations.
NetWorkSpaces address these limitations:
  • Moves script processing to the data, instead of moving data to the processing.
  • Uses script-compatible globally shared workspaces to develop and run distributed/parallel script applications.
  • Looks and feels like a conventional workspace in the base scripting language.
  • Enables script processes to share data across networks.
  • Provides general distributed/parallel script applications.
  • Network script processes can run either uncoupled or coordinated.
  • Anonymous communication increases developer productivity in implementing and maintaining distributed applications.

Easy to learn and easy to use:

With only five commands, NetWorkSpaces is easy to learn and use.


  • Looks and feels like a conventional workspace in the base scripting language.
  • Enables network script processes to share data.
  • Provides general distributed/parallel script execution.
  • Runs network script processes either uncoupled or coordinated.
  • Dramatically increases developer productivity in implementing and maintaining distributed applications because of its anonymous communication.


NetWorkSpaces supports SCAI's open-source Sleigh package for executing R functions and applications in parallel. Sleigh automatically distributes and load-balances R function evaluations across multiple cores, processors, or nodes in a cluster or on a network to speed the execution of R applications. R users can quickly and easily learn to use Sleigh to take advantage of multiprocessors, with incredible performance gains in almost no time.

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Free Downloads:

SCAI has chosen a dual licensing model to distribute NetWorkSpaces for R and for Python, which are open-source versions of NetWorkSpaces. These open-source versions of NetWorkSpaces are available for download from SourceForge. To download the software, click the links below:
  · NetWorkSpaces for R
  · NetWorkSpaces for Python

We recently added an "all-in-one" NetWorkSpaces installer for Microsoft Windows. This installer contains six products: Python, PyWin32, Twisted, NWS Server, Python NWS and R NWS. The first three will only be installed if necessary. Licenses for each are included in the installation. The total size of the download is about 23MB. Please note this software has only been tested on Microsoft Windows XP/SP2.
  · Download the all-in-one NetWorkSpaces installer for Windows

To download User Guides for NWS, click on the links below:
  · NWS for R User Guide
  · NWS for Python User Guide
  · NWS for Matlab User Guide


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