TCP Linda® for the IBM Departmental Supercomputing Solutions, from Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.

TCP Linda is a proven industry standard for parallel programming and well known for its ease of use, reliability, and efficiency. Original Linda, introduced in the mid-1980s, was the first commercial product to implement virtual shared memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. TCP Linda is content-addressable, not address-based, making it much easier to build applications and fully utilize hardware capacity.
IBM has teamed with Scientific Computing Associates to make TCP Linda available for IBM's new Departmental Supercomputing Solutions. Benchmarks demonstrate excellent performance and scalability.

TCP Linda provides a simple, yet complete command set that can be added to programs to enable process creation, synchronization and communication. Every Linda software system employs a powerful Linda optimizing (pre)compiler and a carefully tuned, architecture-specific run-time system. A user can parallelize any program written in C or Fortran by appropriate use of just four simple TCP Linda operations.

A free four-processor TCP Linda system (for C programs) is available with every Departmental Supercomputing Solution purchased. This is not a time-limited trial version of TCP Linda, but rather a fully functional system available by download from Scientific Computing Associates. To download yours, click on the "Download TCP Linda" link below.


Download TCP Linda

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